27.2.14 **** Homeland will return with season 4 on October 19, 2014 News about s4: *Carrie is now the main focus of the Showtime show. She’s going to have a baby, and may move overseas to be a case officer in a foreign capital, as she was trained to do. *“I think that is all going to squarely land on Claire Danes’ shoulders now,” he said. “It’s really her show, and where Peter Quinn fits into that, where Fara fits into that, and where Saul fits into that is going to be a process of discovery.” - Alex Gansa *As Gansa has emphasized, Saul will still be a regular character, interacting with the CIA as a private contractor. *Brody is “undoubtedly” physically dead, Gansa confirmed. *He said that a big part of the next season will be regarding the impact of the death on Brody. *At what point does she move on, if ever? Is she going to find some sort of emotional connection with another man, or is she going to subsume all of that into her career? These are all interesting questions,” he said. “How significant is this relationship with Brody and is it one she can transcend?”
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It fucked me up, Saul. Being wrong about Brody, it really… it fucked me up. Because I have never been so sure… and so wrong. And it’s that fact that I still can’t get my head around. It makes me unable to trust my own thoughts. Every time I think I see something clearly now… it just disappears.

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Carrie x Saul

you are the smartest and dumbest fucking person I have ever known

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    Even winners don’t win
Carrie’s run, by Andrew Kaplan
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Your’e an amazing person Carrie Mathison.

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Happy 35th birthday Claire Danes

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Carrie: I’m not going to jail.
Guy: It seems to me you’re already there.

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Yeah! I can’t believe it was here at the shop!!! It’s gonna take time, I’m reading so slowly in English. (But who cares??)

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Homeland meme 1\5 - small details
"There’s this man in Caracas, he’s a doctor. He called me a cockroach. Unkillable…Bringing misery wherever I go. This is about redemption - mine. I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a Marine anymore. I haven’t been for some time… In what universe can you redeem yourself for one murder by committing another?"

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Homeland meme → 5 scenes I could watch over and over again [3/5]
"There’s a woman outside the building. One of ours. She’s unstable, and you need to contain her. Name’s Carrie Mathison."

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All because of a school teacher from Maine, who was willing to do what necessary for a cause that he belived in.

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Carrie Mathison - the baby is comming.

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